JMM Post #9

In Professor Alberto Cairo's The Truthful Art's Chapter 5 "Basic Principles of Visualization", Cairo inadvertently answered the majority of questions I had regarding his class. Within the first paragraph, Cairo anecdotally recalled a student asking "How do you know that you have chosen the right graphic form to represent your data?" and, it could have been… Continue reading JMM Post #9

JMM Post #8

Today I will be recapping a Financial Times article. In Andy Kirk's "How Alternative Facts Rewrite History" the controversial topic of 'alternative facts'. The term 'Alternative facts' was coined by the Trump Administration when discussing fake news. What does this have to do with charts? Everything. Kirk says that alternative facts in charts are sometimes not deliberate.… Continue reading JMM Post #8

JMM 331 Blog Post #4

Over the weekend, I worked on several assignments. I am taking six classes this semester-- therefore, homework on weekends isn't foreign nature. But, this class (JMM 331) took my time like no other. As someone who is a journalist, and mostly as a writer, using my creativity for things other than writing has become a difficult… Continue reading JMM 331 Blog Post #4