Let’s pretend that as you’re reading this introduction, roaring applause is in the background. You hear it? Good. Now I can formally introduce myself.

41933157_2433384960012838_9214277198792359936_nMy name is Daniela Perez, I was born in Bogota, Colombia and I’m currently residing in Miami, Florida.

I’m a student studying Communications News Journalism and Political Science at the University of Miami. Writing is a passion of mine. Writing for the sake of progress is an obsession.

I’ve always been enticed by the power of writing and most importantly, journalism.

According to The Washington Post President and Publisher, Philip L. Graham, “Journalism is the first draft of history”. Without journalism, the will to write would remain obsolete. Without the will to write, history and the mere knowledge of it would be a moot topic.

Before “Christ”, philosopher Plato would transcribe Socrates’ teachings from memory. Despite the possibility of error from repetition, had it not been for Plato’s writing, philosophy would cease to exist.

Journalism has faced several trials between independence and the 20th century with the birth of sensationalism and the introduction to the internet. However, now journalism has molded itself into our tv’s, phones, radios, and social media. Now, in the 21st century, journalism struggles with being labeled as “fake news” as false claims creep on many sites and mask themselves as journalistic articles. However, proper media literacy education can prevent the collateral damage that ‘fake news’ entails.

The future of print journalism as an industry remains unclear, however, journalism will continue to thrive as blogs and websites introduce a new business model. Without journalism, you would not have a history book, you wouldn’t understand or know about current events. Without journalism, I would not be writing this post or this blog.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, ideas, or arguments.

On this blog, you will find several opinionated articles regarding civil rights, human rights, feminism, politics, and international relations.

Alongside those topics, I’ll be discussing a bit more about myself while emphasizing that the tone is being set by an aspiring (21-year-old) public servant.