JMM 331 Blog Post #4

Over the weekend, I worked on several assignments. I am taking six classes this semester-- therefore, homework on weekends isn't foreign nature. But, this class (JMM 331) took my time like no other. As someone who is a journalist, and mostly as a writer, using my creativity for things other than writing has become a difficult… Continue reading JMM 331 Blog Post #4

JMM 331 Blog Post #3 Andy Kirk “What Makes a Data Visualization Elegant?”

This past weekend I went to Tampa's Busch Gardens-- the first ride I went on was the Sheikra. My friends and family who accompanied me were in a state of panic as we climbed up the steep beams of steel. And-- I felt nothing. Instead, I focused on how high we were, how many phones,… Continue reading JMM 331 Blog Post #3 Andy Kirk “What Makes a Data Visualization Elegant?”

JMM 331 Blog Post #2 The Truthful Art

Today I'll be summarizing Chapters 1 & 2 of the 'Truthful Art' by Professor Alberto Cairo. To start, The Truthful Art culminates the importance of visualization in journalism. At a time when we are technologically advanced, it's important to simplify data, journalism, and news for all readers. In the introduction of The Truthful Art, Professor Cairo hits… Continue reading JMM 331 Blog Post #2 The Truthful Art

Black Families in America Are Scared, Why Aren’t We Helping?

Five years ago, Eric Garner, uttered his last words “I can’t breathe” on a Staten Island sidewalk as a New York City Police Department officer, Daniel Pantaleo, placed him in a chokehold. Eric Garner was a father of six and a grandfather of three. But, beyond that, Garner was a black man who fell victim… Continue reading Black Families in America Are Scared, Why Aren’t We Helping?

How Charts Lie Ch. 1

Data visualization, also known as data journalism, is an important aspect of how we consume news and information. According to writer, Sarah Cohen, data journalism "leverages a powerful cognitive advantage: fully half of the human brain is devoted to processing visual information. When you present a user with an information graphic, you are reaching… Continue reading How Charts Lie Ch. 1